About RPOE

Rocky Point Outdoor EducationBased in Victoria, BC, Rocky Point Outdoor Education (RPOE) represents everything quintessential about the outdoors. After all, the outdoors is our classroom for the majority of our courses. It’s our favorite place to be!

Rocky Point Outdoor Education

Be it forest trails or local beaches, our goal at RPOE is to connect you as close as possible to the very essence of training in and with nature. When we are directly privy to such things as the effects of the weather and other environmental stresses on our well-being, or our impact on the places we adventure travel, we make a far greater connection to cause and effect, and the role we play on it. This in turn teaches us to be more mindful, through greater prevention, preparation and planning.

RPOE instructors specialize in specific educational and adventure pursuits that bring in a vast base of outdoor knowledge and experience. We are never static, and believe that our education too is a continuum. We are also staunch ambassadors for our wilderness spaces, and believe that partnering with such organizations as One Percent for the Planet, Leave No Trace Canada and Nature Conservancy of Canada we can work towards not only minimizing our impact on our wild spaces, but work collectively to ensure we preserve these places for generations to come.

Our course offerings are designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and training for wherever your next adventure takes you. Whether you are seeking outdoor training and certification for work, school or play, we strive to deliver course content that is both purposeful and insightful, ensuring that you not only receive the knowledge you seek and need, but that it is delivered beyond your expectations.


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