Raindrops & Pro-Knots: A Few of our Favourite Things


These are a Few of Our Favourite Things … & they all fit in the Christmas stocking! SAS Survival Guide/Book – ‘Lofty’ John Wiseman Why? It fits in the palm of your hand, and now comes in an IPhone App. One of the best outdoor-survival-how-to books out there! $10 (New …

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Halloween Ideas from the Wilderness First Aid Box


There’s nothing like Halloween to bring out the first aid geek, especially when it comes to improvisation. Here’s one fun and cheap idea, (not to mention very practical), that you can make with fabulous results: T-shirt Tensor Bandages (think ‘Mummy’ costumes!) Take an old cotton tee-shirt that you REALLY don’t …

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‘Bear’ Hangs, and Other Wilderness Faux Pas


Many years ago, I was chewed out, quite rightly, not by a bear, but my wilderness instructor: “so, you’re going to hang a ‘bear’ are you?” when explaining back to him my food management for the night. From outdoor skills to wilderness first aid, error is plentiful. Ever woke up …

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