Basic Outdoor & Survival Skills (BOSS)

Understanding the basics of a human’s need to survive (& thrive) are key in being able to stay alive and well in the outdoors. Beyond oxygen, humans need shelter (warmth), water and food – in that order. Could you build an emergency shelter if your life depended on it? Do you understand and carry with you at all times, the basic ‘trip essentials’ that can carry you through most emergency situations when traveling in the outdoors?

Course Length: 8 hours
Cost: 1 day $95.00
Pre-course Requirements: None
Suitable for: Corporate team building, school groups, cadets and scouts, outdoor enthusiasts, associations and more!

Rocky point Outdoor Education - Basic Survival SkillsCourse Content:

Outdoor Survival Skills course is a fun, informative and hands-on, and can be adjusted and catered to all age groups and end-users. This course is a great ‘add-on’ to wilderness first aid, or as a stand-alone. Designed to get you thinking ‘outside the back-pack’, it will include such key skills as:

  • Basic Navigation
  • Signaling for help & rescue
  • Building emergency shelters with what you can find
  • Basic knots for most common outdoor applications
  • Fire-starting basics
  • Fundamentals of safe water drinking and ‘wild food’ foraging
  • Common wilderness injuries & sicknesses
  • Improvised slings, splints & ‘stretcher-carries’ for common wilderness injuries
  • Building your ‘trip essentials’ kit

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