‘Wild’ About Wild Foods

Wild About Wild Foods

There are a lot of edibles in the outdoors right under our noses that we overlook every day. Knowing how identify, harvest, and use them in an ethical and safe way is the first important step into this huge and exciting world of wild edibles. There are also lots of overlooked medicinal plants that could aid you if injured while on the trail, and knowing how to apply them in the field could save your life.

Course Lengths: 3 hours or full day available (see below for details)
Cost: $45
Pre-course Requirements: None
Suitable for: Cadets and scouts, outdoor enthusiasts, and foodies


Course Content:
Wild about Wild foods course is fun, informative, and can be adjusted and catered to all age groups and end-users. This course is a great ‘add-on’ to wilderness first aid, basic outdoor & Survival Skills, or as a stand-alone. This course will help open your eyes to the rich diversity of food and medicine all around us. It will include such skills as:

– Identification
– Ethics and legality
– ‘Family’ knowledge
– Common foods
– Common toxic plants – ‘Safe’ families
– ‘Toxic’ families
– Poultices
– Teas
– Infusions
– Field Herbalism

Register For ‘Wild’ About Wild Foods:

Please contact us to to learn when this course is being offered next.

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