Halloween Ideas from the Wilderness First Aid Box

There’s nothing like Halloween to bring out the first aid geek, especially when it comes to improvisation. Here’s one fun and cheap idea, (not to mention very practical), that you can make with fabulous results:

T-shirt Tensor Bandages (think ‘Mummy’ costumes!)


Take an old cotton tee-shirt that you REALLY don’t want to see someone wearing anymore; oh, and the more detail & colour, the more fun the results.


Cut the tee-shirt in one complete diagonal strip, something like peeling an orange. Wider is better, so aim for 3 – 4”. Standard tensors are usually about 5’ long – you’ll get double that length out of a regular sized tee-shirt.


Nothing goes to waste. The left over scraps can be used to improvise dressings, filter water, tinderboxes, and all other sorts of wilderness applications.


And voilà! Don’t forget, if using for real people versus ‘Mummies’, remove rings, and splint in position of function, as if holding a cup, and check for circulation regularly.

Stay tuned for more Halloween ideas, inc. easy and ‘scary’ Halloween make-up from the kitchen cupboard.


Note from author: Wilderness first aid often relies on improvised applications. Making your own dressings is no different. Remember your best first aid tool, is the one inside your head. Alison Harle – Wilderness First Aid Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Medic AND … Geek!


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